all the days3



All the days( 2014) is the result from the collaboration with Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman.

The project reflects on the archive as something which is never fixed in meaning or material; rather something as a whole that changes with each new acquisition, usually invisible yet at the same time monumental.
The installation represents a rethinking of the way history, symbols, or places of culture are preserved and understood. Using the glass negative from the Central Archive depicting the vulnerability of the archive itself we want to prompt a myriad of potential readings on reflection, memory, preservation, and the nature of record keeping itself.

The audience is invited to throw a stone into a container filled with water on which is projected the image of one of the British Museum’s gallery after bombardments (Second World War). In so doing, the image lying on the water surface will be disrupted, exposing  the precariousness of human’s endeavor to preserve memory.

Mixed Media Installation (projection into water)

Courtesy The British Museum